HASHIRIM - Jewish Music in 4-part Harmony

Our current repertoire includes "Dona, Dona" in Yiddish (Zeitlin/Secunda, arr. Jacobson), "Walk to Caesarea" or "Eili, Eili" in Hebrew and English (Senesh/Zhavi, arr. Shur), "Fiddler on the Roof" medley (Harnick/Bock, arr. Leyden), "Ruach Elohim" in Hebrew and English (Levine, arr. Richards), "Bashana Haba'ah" in Hebrew (Manor/Hirsch, arr. Leavitt), and "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor" (Berlin, arr. Ringwald).

We always welcome members' suggestions.

Chishki, Chizki    Chorus recording

Bashana      S          A            T            B             LB  

Ose Shalom   S         A                          B 

Butterfly     S           A                          B   

Latkes                 A             T            B 

Durme  S1           Durme S2         Durme MEN

LightOneCandle Soprano       LightOneCandle Alto         LightOneCamd;e Tenor        LightOneCandle Bass

Tfilah Sop     Tifilahmidi  B    Tfilah

Tradition Soprano       Tradition Alto      Tradition Tenor/Bass

May the Lord  Soprano     May the Lord  Alto     May the Lord  Tenor/Bass

Matchmaker  Soprano      Matchmaker Alto        Matchmaker Tenor/Bass

Shiru S                Shiru Lower Voices

Sunrise  Soprano            Sunrise Alto              Sunrise Tenor/Bass

To Life  Soprano             To Life  Alto               To Life Tenor/Bass

Anatevka  Soprano          Anatevka  Alto         Anatevka Tenor/Bass

Al Shlosha Soprano/Alto      Al Shlosha  Tenor/Bass   

Dodi Li   Soprano/Alto        Dodi Li  Tenor/Bass

Erev Tenor             Dona   Tenor/Bass

Adijo Soprano              Adijo Alto           Adijo Tenor                   Adijo Bass

Dona Soprano              Dona Alto           Dona Tenor                   Dona Bass

Elojai N'tzor Soprano    Elojai N'tzor Alto   Elojai N'tzor Tenor        Elojai N'tzor Bass

Elojai N'tzor Solo

Erev Soprano              Erev Alto            Erev Tenor                   Erev Bass

Heal Us Soprano         Heal Us Alto         Heal Us Tenor              Heal Us Bass

Heal Us Solo

Hine (bass)

Mayn Rue Soprano      Mayn Rue Alto      Mayn Rue Tenor &  Bass

Samachti Soprano     Samachti Alto       Samachti Tenor         Samachti Bass    Sheman Tenor

Unetaneh S             Unetaneh1S_S      Unetaneh  A             Unetaneh1S_A      Unetaneh1S_T      Unetaneh B   Unitech 1S B

Yeish Soprano            Yeish Alto            Yeish Bass               Yeish Solo
Bashana Tenor        Fiddler Tenor/Bass       Matchmaker Tenor/Bass       Sunrise Tenor/Bass         T'filah Bass

To Life  Tenor/Bass

Sopranos: Rogers and Hammerstein on Broadway  Surrey with Fringe On Top   Wash That Man Out Hair  June is Bustin Out     Just Because it's June   Whistle A Happy Tune     Do Re Mi     It Might As Well be Spring    Nothing Like Dame
Shall We Dance     You'll Never Walk Alone

SHEMEN S          SHEMEN A         SHEMEN T        SHEMEN B


mi_chamochah_S          mi_chamochah_A        mi_chamochah_T          mi_chamochah_B

Adonai_Roi_S               Adonai_Roi_A              Adonai_Roi_ T              Adonai_Roi_ B

 Yom Hashoah:         Zog Nit Keynmol        Ashrei Hagafrur  Alto

Old Irish Blessing (choir)
Soprano    Alto    Tenor     Bass
Please remember to sing through all vowels for the duration of the note. Put consonants on at the very end, or at the very beginning of the next word. So, for example, when we see "Heal us now" on the page, what we sing is "Hee luh snah." If you have questions about this, please talk to Billie at rehearsal.